Final Project (M104MC)


Today is the deadline to submit my final project. Time really flies fast especially when you are focusing on work. There has been stressful couple of months, but you always feel relieved in the end.

When I first started my research about transgender I also have learn a lot about gender, gender identity and different sexuality. Although I feel close to that community I was very unfamiliar with transgender and intersex people. It’s amazing how much you can learn while doing a film about somebody. Now that I am educated on the subject I feel not only confident about myself, but also talking about it. It is so strange, because I almost didn’t choose this topic, but now I’m glad that I did it.

Although I needed to film my documentary twice, because of a technical problems it was different each time. The more Sami and I have met and talked the more was she opened about herself. She was very kind and was always trying to help during the shooting. We actually became really good friends. The thing that I like most about this documentary is meeting and talking with new people, creating contacts for possible productions in the future.

The most difficult part of this project was the editing. I probably spent most of the time on that. Although I had an idea of what the film will look like while I was shooting I was still struggling with putting the pieces together in order to tell the story. I was afraid that the lack of footage won’t show the emotion and the essence of the film. But despite the poor quality of the image I think that the audience can still sense the emotion of it. The decision to do a voice narration was not easy, because I don’t like my voice. It was a really long and difficult process, but I did it, because the documentary is personal to me. I actually had a few things to say and that kind of finalize the whole project.

During the whole production I have learn a lot of things. Not everything will happen the way you want it. Patience and stress are vital things and the sooner you learn to be patient the better. Often when you are under a lot of stress you can’t see the small details or the right things to do. So the less you are stressed the more you will achieve.

I am pleased with my final result it’s not exactly what I had expected, but the important thing for me is that during that project I have learn so much personal things about Sami. I’d never thought that I will get to know someone that well  for that short period of time.

I think that that I have progressed since the beginning of the year, not only with my projects, different approaches and experiments, but by being open to people and talking to people. Since I want to continue my film career in the future this was really helpful.


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