Final Project (M104MC)

Post-production and Editing

This time my editing approach was completely different from my usual editing styles. I have decided to pay more attention on the sound, because I think that in a documentary that’s one of the most important things and my sound is better than my image. I was planning to follow the observational documentary style, but as I started to actually film I have changed my idea. After the meeting with my tutor I have created a structure to follow. Because my documentary is about transgender person I think that putting a close ups of “the body” as an opening scene is something that catch the eye. The image is a bit blurry, but that’s on purpose I was experimenting with positions of the clip and how the body will look like.

My main focus here was the upper body together with my voice-over about body and gender.

Some of my sit downs interviews were quite dark and blurred. I have tried the Highlight/Shadow effect to brighten them up, but I couldn’t fix the blurriness.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 21.33.00 copy.png

My fear was that I won’t have enough footage of Sami that I can use between the interview cuts. But I was able to put a footage that make sense with the sound more or less. I definitely needed that, because without the footage it would have been boring.

The real struggle for me was to record my voice. Since I have decided to use my voice as some sort of narration, because I feel connected with Sami’s story and I have personal opinion. The problem is that I don’t like how my voice sounds. I recorded each voice-over a couple of times, because I wasn’t satisfied.


I even considered to use the speech generator on Audition and I have tried that, but it sounded too robotic. I have searched online for another voice speech generators, but all of them sounded robotic and if I happened to find a good one is paid. I gave up from that idea and I have tried to shorten my text. It was a little bit better. It’s definitely better than the robotic voice.

I spent quite a lot of time on the editing. There was always something that I didn’t like or something that I can improve. Overall I am satisfied with the final result without counting the blurry footage. Despite that I think that I managed to convey the message that I wanted to express.


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