Final Project (M104MC)

M104 Final Project Submission

This is my final version of my documentary “Sami” on Youtube.



2 thoughts on “M104 Final Project Submission

  1. Hi Elena

    This is a very snesitive and powerful piece of work. It has taken a lot of organising and building of trust to be able to touch on the issues in the documentary. The opening shots work very well and your voice over is fine. We all find the sound of our own voice difficult. Yours is a good sound so don’t worry.
    It was completely right to use your voice as it is you that have built up this trusting relationship, it has been a personal journey for you and this comes across powerfully in the film.
    You have indeed progressed a long way in this year on the MA. This is a mature piece of work that shows a range of high order skills that you should be really proud of. Lots of people try and set themselves to make such films but very often they founder and come to nothing. This shows great perseverance and a subtle approach that explores the subject in a non explotative way.
    You have taken yourself seriously as a filmmaker and you need to make sure that you continue on this path in the future.
    Well done Elena it has been a pleasure.



  2. Final Project: Sami


    This was a really interesting character with a story to tell. The whole framing of the piece around the experience of transgender people was well handled and the use of your own voice as narrator came across well. There was an intimate feeling to the film and Sami came across as very genuine and open with her feelings. The opening was a good visual introduction to the subject and as the film continues Sami’s personal stories combined with your factual narration gave a lot of information.

    The visuals were quite basic and although the framing and lighting were unconventional it lent itself to the nature of the film. The audio level was very low on output and there were clearly problems with hiss on the track that could have been cleaned with Audition. The range of visual material was limited and more noticeable due to the length of the film. With a stronger audio and a reduction in running time this could have been more compelling.

    The blog was well constructed with influences, reflections and the process well handled. Perhaps more could have been included about the transgender world and the character.

    Overall, as you comment yourself in your reflection, you have really improved your skills this year and grown in confidence. It has been really good to see this developing and hopefully this will continue through a film career.


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