Final Project (M104MC)

The last day of shooting

So today was my last day of shooting. I was having some problems with my footage so far and I have decided to film again with different camera. I have used GH4 the first time and for some reason my whole footage was either blurry or unfocused. I personally checked the camera every single time before recording and it looked good on the screen. I have checked the white balance, the ISO, the shutter speed and I did a few takes before the actual shooting. Everything was fine, but when I started to edit on the next day I have noticed that the whole footage is rubbish. The first possibility for me to film again since Sami is busy most of the time was today and so we did it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 22.58.19 copy

This time was even better than the first, because the more we talked the more she was opened about herself. Although it took the whole day for me to film this time I didn’t even realize. It was like spending a day with friend hanging out. I was quite pleased with result and I can’t wait to start the actual edit tomorrow.


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