Final Project (M104MC)

Inspiration and ideas

I did a research about transgender documentaries and I found out that actually there are not many. I have watched a documentary called Growing Up Coy. p12991683_p_v8_aa












Basically this is a documentary about a six years old child Coy Mathis from Colorado who identifies as female after transitioning publicly from male to female in kindergarten. She was able to use the girls bathroom, but when she goes into first grade the principal informed the parents that Coy is only allowed to use the boys bathroom or the nurse’s. Her parents decides to fight and worked with Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund to file a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division. They went public and became a magnet for the issue in an international media firestorm. What I think is important about this documentary is the fact that after that case the transgender people across the state are allowed use facilities that match their gender identity.

Another documentary that I found out is Born in the Wrong Body. A documentary series broadcasted on Chanel 4.


There are three parts Born in the Wrong Body which premiered on 22nd of April 2007 in the US. The second part is On the Edge aired a little later on December and the third is Girl will be Boys which aired on 20th of January. The series are focused on different transgender stories.

Another documentary that I personally found very interesting is Trans. It is inspired by the story of Dr. Christine McGinn and her work as a transgender surgeon. The documentary shows very personal vision of the lives, loves and challenges of different people of all ages.


This is a great documentary for everyone who is confused or don’t know the answer yet. It is also good for people who don’t know about the transgender community.







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