Final Project (M104MC)

Change of plans

During the past few weeks I was struggling with the developing of my final idea. At first I have decided to make an observational documentary about my second idea: intersex. Everything was great I even started my research about that subject, but all of a sudden the person said that is really busy and he is no longer available to participate in my film. Honestly that was really difficult for me, because I had a clear idea about the documentary and how to represent it. After that I thought that I can make my other idea instead, but all of the people that were willing to participate said that they are busy this summer and that they can’t participate in my project. So for a while I was really blocked and I couldn’t think of anything that would work, mainly because I am too focused of the idea to just popped into my head and that never works. So after a week I finally come up with a good idea. I have a friend who is transgender transitioning from male to female. I personally think that the subject is really important especially for young trans kids and teens who are struggling or who are bullied in schools, because of their gender preference. I don’t think that being bullied because of who you are is right and that’s why I am making this film.

The documentary will be observational and it will show the story of Sami Bradley a young transwoman who will tell what was her childhood like, as well as her teen years and what is her life right now. She agreed on an honest interview and to show what is her daily basis life like. We still have a lot to discuss in terms of filming everything, because she is busy also. But what I love about her is that although she is shy and not so talkative she has ideas about the documentary. She is really happy about it and she wants to help in any possible way.

This is the most recent picture of Sami that she agreed to show!


We still have things to discuss, but for now I know for sure that she wants and is happy to do this. As soon as I know her availability I will create filming timetable and developing the idea even more. I’m currently doing my research about that subject.


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