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Land art

So here is my 30 second land art piece made by me while I was on Raasay. I chose to put a clip from the they we went to the beach, because that day I could really feel the connection between the sea and the land. I am glad that we had the opportunity to create something from the surroundings. This is my final piece that I filmed and I didn’t realize while I make that it will take so long for the waves to come.


One thought on “Land art

  1. Curate: Elements.


    The building of this site was an important opportunity to collaborate and explore the possibilities of using Klynt in preparation for your individual project and you did well to exploit that. The Elements site has done a very good job in presenting the experimental film work done in Raasay and the additional interviews with filmmakers exploring their films and their reflections gives an important record of the immersive experience of the project. It was refreshing to see Klynt used in this way as it tends to be dominated by i-docs and this more intuitive approach worked really well.

    The sites visual and aural approach was effective and the interactivity allows good engagement. There were some issues on upload but this is to be expected at this stage. As you know this was an optional project and you should be very proud of the effort and achievement on this. This will be reflected in your overall mark for the module.


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