Poetic Project (M104MC)

Poetic project thoughts & result

The next step that we had to do when we went back from Raasay was to make 2 minute clip with image and sound that we had filmed and recorded on the island. It wasn’t exactly easy for me, because I filmed a lot of footage. It was difficult for me to choose between the clips and the sounds, because I wanted to experiment and create a piece that very well mixed together shows my understanding of  the connection between the sea, the land, the wind and the sound of them.

My idea at first was to combine poetry with imagery, which was the safer way, but after that I have thought that it would be better to experiment with the footage that I took and see what will happened.

I have decided to combine 12 different clips that has the elements of sea, forest, air and the sound of them. I was a little bit unsure about that, because it is something that I have never done before.

After I have tried my idea with first clip I was sure that I was going to do that. I have combined three different clips into one layer and changed the opacity on each of them and I quite liked the result. I repeated the action a few times.

In terms of sounds I put some audio that I recorded on the island. I also previously used Audition to change a few things and then I combine it with the image. At some places I left it as it is, because I thought that I was going to lose the impression.



One thought on “Poetic project thoughts & result

  1. Elena there was a very well considered approach to the audio in this piece that really dominated the imagery in a very successful way. This was balanced by the layering of imagery that was most effective with at least three images fused in some places. The piece could have been interesting if you had pushed the layering even further until it was poised between the retinal and the conceptual. Overall there was a good sense of place. There blog was quite basic and functional so more could have helped in terms of reflection.


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