Final Project (M104MC)

FMP idea 2

Just recently while I was on a spring break I have met an extraordinary person. Pol Naidenov is intersex. He was born with the scars of a male and female. His parents were forced to choose his gender identity and he is registered as a female on his birth certificate. He has been trough some surgeries one of which was when he was 2 years old and he doesn’t remember. The other one was when he was really young and he basically couldn’t do anything. All the doctors were terrible to him and he was like an experiment for them. Today he is tall like a man, his voice is like a man and he feels like a man. He has been trough a lot of trouble and difficulties, because of his ID card on which he is a female. He is IT specialist, but he can’t find a job, because every time when he is on an interview they like him, but after he shows his ID they are telling him that they will call him next week and they never do. When it comes to his health whenever he is ill or has problems no doctors want to help him. Two years ago Pol decided to fight for his rights in the court, but he was rejected at first. Just recently he decided to try again and he had won the case. He is the first and only one who did that in Bulgaria.

I will make a Klyn based documentary which will include his early life, his struggles, his parents and his family now. The main page will involve a hologram of Pol which will has links to the three subject. First one will be his life early on, growing up and difficulties. Second one will be his life right now and the court case. Third one will be his family and parents.

I will film everything in Bulgaria at the beginning of June. Pol is absolutely kind and willing to do it. He is taking part of the international intersex forums all over Europe and his schedule is busy.


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