Motion Project (M102MC)


During this semester I have learned a lot about working with Isadora and Studio Artist. What I liked about this module is that we are allowed to express ourselves. I personally like to experiment, because you never know what will happen in the end. You just follow your interests and what you like to do. I am glad that I was able to experiment with color and see what will happen.

It’s good that we had the opportunity to work on our on and in groups. There is always something that you can learn while working with other people. The people from my group was really hard working and we always helped each other during the whole project. We were pretty good team. I think we showed really interesting projects. We were prepared quite well with all the equipment for the live documentation. We helped each other to set up everything and tested before the performance of the dancers.

I am glad that I am learning how to work with different software. It was quite interesting to project my work in front of the dancers and to document the reaction and the performance. I am looking forward for future Isadora project with the dancers I think it would be really interesting.


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