Motion Project (M102MC)

Motion Lab group documentation

Last week was our group projection of the other part of the Motion Project. In the first part each of us had to create 2 minute video using Isadora software. In this part of the task we as a group had to project our pieces trough Isadora while the dancers Natasha and Beth dancing live and document the whole group live performances. We have booked equipment from the loan shop in the morning and started to set up everything and tested it before the dancers came.

We put our individual pieces into one project on Isadora. Kevin and Luka from my group did live recording of ¬†Isadora while Maria, Denica, Sean and me did pre-recorded version. Each of us had 1 or 1:30 video so the whole projection did not take lake long, but the preparation on the other hand was way longer than we’d expected.

We had to make sure that everything was set up and that we had the perfect light and positions of the cameras for documentation, because we were the first group to present our pieces. We had 2 main cameras that were recording the whole time and each of us recorded the process with our phones or cameras. Everything went well we now have footage of different camera angles.

I found some documentation from other groups I put everything together in one clip below:


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