Motion Project (M102MC)

Dancer Isadora version

After our lecture yesterday I have decided to come to our room today to work on my 2 minutes Motion project. My laptop still don’t recognise the Isadora dongle, so the best I can do is to use one of the Macs in our room in order to save my project. I edited my 2 minutes piece on Premiere. I chose 1 minute of the dancer that we filmed the other day and I repeated the moves that I liked.

dancer steps.png

After I played with the colour and the tones in Premiere I have realised that the dancer movements can’t be seen on Isadora, so I have decided to change the colour a little bit.


I was inspired by the Len Lye – Rainbow dance video showed in the lecture and the experimental use of colour.

I did something similar in terms of colour and tone of the dancer. I was able to save my Isadora project this time and my result is this:


I have decided to use just the blocks effect on Isadora for now, because otherwise it would be too much. I am gong to show my 2 minutes video with my group and together we will decide how many clips we are going to use for the projection on the 16th of March.




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