Kino Project (M101MC)

Kino Isadora version

So I booked a dongle from the loan shop so that I can save my project on Isadora. I really wanted to try to make another version of my Kino project. When I tried to plug the USB stick to my laptop it didn’t work. My classmates tried the same stick on their laptops and it worked. For some reason it is not working on mt laptop. The strange thing is that I can use my person hard drive on the laptop. It is not for the USB ports. It seems that I have some kind of a problem with my Mac or I don’t know. So I am just going to stick with my first version with Premiere.


One thought on “Kino Isadora version

  1. Elena you have engaged really well in this module. The Dada project was quite basic and more could have been done to show the process documenting your piece. The piece itself could have been pushed even further in terms of experimentation. The Kino Project however was very well documented you showed the influences such as Vertov and Mona Hatoum, the technical process and its development in some detail and that was very good. I am glad you made some visual record of the experiments with screen projects that we did in class. The piece itself was really strong and the different iterations of it before and after the screening was very noticeable, which indicates that you are really responding to the class. The sound in particular did elevate the version with the masking and the split screen. You have made a lot of progress since the last module, which is great, keep it up!


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