Kino Project (M101MC)

Kino project final draft

Since my last draft I took into account the feedback from the lecture. I have decided to keep just the human eye and the mouth. I am going to keep the same color experimentation. I just combine some of the shots together and changed the opacity. I added some circles on some of the eye parts and put them together so that it look like they are watching something. To get the feel of observing and surveillance. I have changed the size of some of the scenes in the clip. It was just an experimental thing and I really liked it in the end.


In terms of sound I mixed together a bunch of electronic sounds. I used human speech generator on Audition to say the words ‘surveillance’ and ‘watching’. I changed the speed and the tone of the voice and it is almost unrecognizable.


On the top of the human speech I have decided to add a sound of alarm, but I changed to levels and the volume so that both can be heard. I also add keyboard click on some places and there is nothing to do with the image. I just thought that it may increase the feeling of control.


I added some crowdly noise that I recorded from public place. I think that nowadays we are always being watched by somebody and we are surrounded by people. At least this is how I feel and “define” the surveillance today.

This is my final result:


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