Kino Project (M101MC)

Kino Project image first draft

Since our last lecture on Thursday I have got an idea of how my project is going to look like. I was already filmed everything I just didn’t know in what way I should edit it. I chose woman body parts for the image of the film. I filmed with a 4K camera, but in a way that I have never done. I have close ups of a mouth, ear, eye, hand and fingers shot from different angles and perspective.

During the editing process I have decided to experiment with the colors, the highlights, the exposure and the contrast. I have used fast color corrector first to increase the saturation and then played with the input and output level.


The whole clip looks a bit red, and sometimes blue but that was the point. I really wanted to see the result in the end. I also have decided to rotate some of the clips and played with the transform effect, so some of the clips are rotated horizontally.


I am still working on the sound part of the project. So far I have collected a lot of surveillance sound and I am working on it at the moment.

So basically this is my first try of editing the project and I’m waiting for feedback today.

Here is the link to the first draft:


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