Kino Project (M101MC)

Kino project research

So today was our first lecture after the Christmas break. We looked some examples of surveillance which will help us for the Kino project. First we watched “Dada cinema” and I get the idea of different interpretation, visual thing and sound. The sound has a great impact here. Sometimes it can be skipped, but if it’s been skipped the feeling is different. The sound fulfill the image somehow although they is no connection in between. In Cinepoeme for example I saw a representation of surveillance in France in 1926. It was a reflection of events happening at that time in Paris. Since it’s not 1926 anymore and things are not black and white we have to represent a today surveillance. The time is different we have so much opportunities right now we can use any kind of software and maybe this is the problem, because we have so much and sometimes we don’t know where to begin. We forgot to use simple ways. We usually are focused on perfection and good framing, but we haven’t thought about what would be if we put the camera really close to the subject or if we put it from a different angle. Everything is one big experiment. There is never a bad piece. It always depends on the interpretation and imagination. This is exactly what Kino eye means to look something in unusual way.

It was interesting for me to watch Artemis. This is an experimental piece made nowadays. What is interesting about that film is that there is no narrative just a female body and a sea wave played around and mixed up together. The sound has a great impact also I didn’t get bored watching it. As soon as I lost attention something was happening. Again it is a good example of how simple things can be.

After the break we saw a few of Mona Hatoum works. It was interesting to see surveillance and violence mixed up together. I found her works inspiring in terms of surveillance.


We also was showed a couple of examples of surveillance with two of our classmates. They went in front the white board while the projection was on. We saw how they are in the image and the difference between the backgrounds.



Right now I am even more aware of what my Kino project is going to look like.


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