Kino Project (M101MC)

Surveillance & Control

I want to share something that I read on the news today and I found it quite interesting and relevant to surveillance and to kind of a research for my Kino project.

It is about four men that committed a suicide after being exposed by online “sextortion”. According to the news they were all fooled into stripping off or performing sex acts for women on webcams. The victims were asked to give sums from £50 to £800. The police said that the men were blackmailed by threatening to release footage to families and friends.

This is a perfect example of how powerful the internet is and that each one of us is in danger of cyber bullying. Who can guarantee that we are not being watched all the time? Nobody, this could have happened to each one of us. So again we need to be careful about what kind of people we are meeting online and what kind of information we are giving. We are all being watched every time that we pay with our card or every time that we are sending photos and all kind of files.


WELLS, T. (2016) Four men a year commit suicide after being hit by sex blackmail plots online. Available at:

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