Albany theater screening

After our lecture today me and a couple of colleagues decided to go to Albany theater in Coventry for the screening of Ken’s Burn & Popo. The both short documentaries that we watched were really powerful and emotional based on real and disturbing issues like policing, race and inequality in the UK. I quite like the stories, because although a lot of people are suffering and become victims by the police not everyone can stand up against and even make a documentary about it. It was actually really great that we had the chance to talk with the guests after the screening and to be able to hear their stories and what they are fighting for. Sometimes you have to loose something or someone in order to understand what is important in life and what is worth fighting for. The world and just the world is need of more activists and people who are fighting for what is right. To die while you are in police custody is something horrible, because the police is supposed to take care of you and help you when you need it. It is good that films like these two are made in order to people to understand what is happening and how many people are dying because of that.


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