Zero Project (M100MC)

M100 Zero Project Submission


After our lecture I have decided to went back to Coventry Market and to ask the guy who I filmed if I can put a Go Pro camera so that I can film just the fruits and the vegetables from up. That idea was really great, but when I went there to ask the guy he told me that I can’t put a Go Pro camera up so after that I’ve tried to edit the footage that I have again, but the result was really bad and I didn’t quite like. So I’m staying with my old version of the recording. In this version I’m focused on the guy who is selling the fruits and the veggies instead of the fruits and the veggies.


One thought on “M100 Zero Project Submission

  1. Kino Project
    Elena there was a very basic approach to the subject of the market stall. It began well with close-ups but then became quite monotonous in its imagery. Even with the working conditions being quite restricted the range of imagery could have been more varied, it would have been good to have seen more close ups and a wider variety of framing to tell the narrative. The cinematography was quite confident but the piece needed some more interest, which could have been through the wider environment. Technical quality was reasonable but the whole piece was too static for the duration. In terms of improvements there needs to be a stronger attempt at securing a subject that you find interesting and that you can engage with as well as the audience. It would be a good idea to make another piece that deals with the issues that have arisen so that you can improve future projects as you clearly understand the concept well but need to put them into practice. I am confident that the depth of your understanding will come through in the pieces that you produce.

    In terms of your blog you have engaged in a very consistent, serious way and been critical and self-reflective. You have produced high quality visual and written work to document the process you have been through. You have included the process of work and have shown a thoughtful approach to the module content. Overall you have developed well on this module and learned some important lessons so well done. If the work produced could match the quialty of your blog, as I am sure it will, then you will really excel.


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