Sound Experiment (M100MC)

M100 Sound Project Submission

So it is time for our first task this year Experimental Sound Piece. For this task we had to create 2 minutes experimental sound piece composition. We had a few weeks time to record any kind of sound on Zoom recorders and made the sound piece on Adobe Audition. It was really interesting task for me, because I have worked on Audition before to crop some sound or reduce some noise, but I have never done anything more than that. I explored the different effects on Audition in order to create 2 minutes composition.  screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-13-46-54-copy

I have tried to stretch and pitch some of the sounds. I played with the stretch percentage and the pitch shift and the result is really different from the original sound.


I also tried to reverse and slow down some of the sounds. I repeated some of them a couple of times, but with different speed.


After I have tried different effects I made some kind of experimental composition that doesn’t make much sense, but I came up with the idea of alien spaceship that flies and it crashed suddenly on the ground and the aliens try to contact someone by sending signals.

I quite enjoyed that task actually it was interesting to experiment with sound. In the end I have realised what great impact sound can have.

I have upload my final 2 minutes file on Soundcloud and it can be found on the link bellow:


One thought on “M100 Sound Project Submission

  1. The piece felt like it was constantly beginning in a strange Sisyphean way. This has a sense of tension to it, which was built by the repetitive score and the occasional shocking notes. It was correct to avoid the narrative and had a suitable mechanical approach that worked well. Overall a very good piece and really good reflection.


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