Field trip to London

So yesterday we went to London and it was really good experience. Some of us went by train including me and it was funny. Although it wasn’t my first time in London it was my first time in Tate Modern. This place is amazing and beautiful. You can see all kinds of paintings from all kinds of different artists and also great installations. While I was there I recorded great sounds and I’m editing them at the moment. I also took really great pictures on some of the paintings and installations.

We spent 2 hours in that gallery and we went to the cathedral St Paul. We saw two really impressive installations by Bill Viola. I was more impressed by Martyrs installation which shows 4 individual people in 4 different plasma screens who are martyred by the 4 elements. Me and a few classmates spent the rest of the afternoon across London. One of the guys Luka hadn’t been to London before so we showed him some of the landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben tower, Westminster Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and etc. It was a lovely trip we saw really great works and it was wonderful experience.



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